My heart beats, again
Your mind awakens me
Your heart touches mine
Your existence reminds mineI just wanna make sure
As long as you're alive
I do
When you are bright
Me too
When you work
I want, us together in it

Me Too

You make me do things I never doYou are kind
I wanna be kindYou sing
I wanna singYou out-smart the world
I wanna do the same, my wayYou shine bright
I want tooI wanna make sure
As long as we are under the same sky
We can reach the starsIf you do
I can too


Aku jatuh cinta padamuKamu

We Live

We live We've been in ups & down
And will always beWe've been in good & bad
And will always beWe've never been in flat time line
And will always beWe walk
We stop
We fall down
We rise
We runAnd will always be23.10.2018

Hobby Happy

[endangnila29] sings Demi Kau Dan Si Buah Hati by Pance Pondaag, what an incredible voice on StarMaker!

Let Me

Let me be
Before anyone elseOh God
This is
I pray๐Ÿ™